Lemon Labels Plants 500 Trees With Ecologi

Lemon Labels Plants 500 Trees With Ecologi

Back in July we announced that we had partnered with Ecologi to plant trees as part of our mission to be a responsible label maker and to reduce our environmental impact.

We are really pleased to announce that in mid December we surpassed the 500 trees planted mark and this has carried on into January where we are already well over 600 trees planted and many more to come as the year progresses.

The team at Lemon Labels are committed to becoming a leader in the world of sustainable label making, in 2023 we had solar panels installed to our main production site in Kent and we also moved our sales team into a fleet of electric cars.

As we move into 2024 we have further plans to reduce our environmental impact with wider use of recyclable label liner materials and thin label liner materials to reduce label waste, we'll soon be announcing the next investment in our label manufacturing capabilities.



We also planted our very own lemon tree at Lemon Labels HQ which I am pleased to announce produced fruit in it's first year! Roll on more Lemon's in 2024!