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Lemon Labels® Car, Van, Truck And Lorry Sticky Tyre Labels

Believe it or not Tyres are one of the hardest products to label, the uneven surface presents the first problem as there isn't a nice flat area for the label to adhere to do and then once you have overcome that issue the rubber tyre material itself is pretty unfriendly to most adhesives due to the materials used in the construction of the tyre.

Fortunately at Lemon Labels we have a solution that is especially designed for sticking labels to tyres, whether that be car, van, truck or lorry tyres, we have produced labels for all of them.

Our specially formulated tyre grade adhesive is chemically formulated to stick to rubber tyre adhesive and is also applied to the labels as quite a thick coat weight to allow it to stick to the uneven tyre surface.

Plain Or Printed Tyre Labels

We work with several of Europes leading tyre manufacturers providing both plain and printed tyre labels for their distribution and logistics operations, whether you need tyre rating labels for new tyres or tyre casing labels for tracking the used tyres through your tyre recycling process we have the label solution for you.

We offer plain sticky tyre labels, pre-printed multi colour tyre rating labels and variable data printed tyre casing labels for traceability.

Traceability Tyre Casing Labels

For many tyre companies traceability of the tyre casing at end of life is just as important as the initial ratings labels, we have experience of working with some of the leading suppliers of tyres in labelling their tyre casings to allow them to be tracked through the recycling process.

If you'd like to talk to one of our tyre label experts please give our team a call on 01892 300737.




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