Lemon Labels Partners With Ecologi To Plant Trees!

At Lemon Labels, we pride ourselves in being responsible label makers, our mission is to not only produce great quality labels at a competitive price point, but also to reduce our environmental impact in every way possible.

With this in mind and after much research and investigation we have decided to partner with Ecologi to support their climate change mission and to plant trees. At the time of writing Ecologi have with the help of their partners funded the planting of 67.5 million trees! Click here to understand more about the work Ecologi are doing.

Last year at Lemon Labels HQ we planted our very own lemon tree in our reception area, and now going forward for every order placed for our labels we will fund Ecologi to plant a tree on behalf of our customers.

This is our most recent step in our ongoing pledge to reduce our environmental impact, in 2021 we moved our production into a A+ rated energy efficient production facility to reduce our overall energy usage. In 2022 we introduced electric vehicles for our sales team to reduce our use of fossil fuels. In 2023 we have installed solar panels that should produce green energy above and beyond our typical energy usage and we also introduced our thin label liner material to reduce label liner waste.

We hope our customers continue to support our vision of doing business in a sustainable and responsible way and we will continue to review our environmental impact and taking steps to continuously improve.