What Labels Fit A Zebra ZD420d Label Printer?

What Labels Fit A Zebra ZD420d Label Printer?

The ZD420d thermal label printer is the latest desktop offering from Zebra designed to replace the ever popular GK420d printer. We are sure this will go on to become one of the most popular desktop thermal label printers across the Globe. 

With its easy to use intuitive control panel the Zebra ZD420 is as easy to use as its predecessor. The ZD420d takes an easy to load drop in roll of direct thermal labels. In fact it couldn’t be easier, drop in the rolls close the lid and press the feed button. The printer will find the start of label, display a green status light and be ready to print. 

The first choice of many companies for an easy to use label printer and is ideal for printing among other applications courier and Royal Mail delivery labels with its crisp and clear print.


What labels fit my Zebra ZD420d printer?

Moving on from the Zebra ZD420d printer its self. The most commonly asked question is "what size labels can I use with my Zebra ZD420d?" Within a few parameters the Zebra ZD420d will takes most sizes of labels:

 Dimensions Size
Zebra ZD420d Minimum Label Width (including Liner) 15mm (0.585")
Zebra ZD420d Maximum Label Width (including Liner) 118mm (4.65")
Zebra ZD420d Maximum Label Length (non-continuous) 991mm (39")
Zebra ZD420d Label Core Sizes 12.7mm (0.5"), 25.4mm (1") Or 38mm (1.5")
Zebra ZD420d Label Roll Size Maximum Outer Diameter (Max O.D) 127mm (5")



Versatility could be its middle name taking a range of label sizes to suit most applications.

In reference to the above the printer can take any size label as long as the roll size does not exceed 127mm outside diameter and the overall width is under 118mm (including the liner).


What are the most popular label sizes for the Zebra ZD420d?

There are a few label sizes which are more common and popular to use in the Zebra ZD420d printer and these have been listed as follows:


4 x 6" Direct Thermal Labels are probably the most popular labels for the ZD420d printer, preferred, supplied and promoted by many of the courier and delivery companies throughout the UK. They are widely recognised as a courier and delivery label and are compatible to use as a Royal Mail address label with the ZD420d printer. The labels fit well on the packages with plenty of space for all the information required in todays UK delivery industry. 4 x 6" Direct Thermal Labels are often also described as 6 x 4" thermal labels, 100 x 150mm thermal labels or 101.6 x 152.4mm thermal labels in metric measurements.


4 x 4" Direct Thermal labels are also very common, some couriers prefer this smaller format address label, also referred to as 101.6 x 101.6mm direct thermal labels in metric measurements.


2 x 1" Direct Thermal labels are also fairly common in other applications often used as barcoding, stock, pricing and identification labels in shops and throughout industry for use in the Zebra ZD420d printer, also referred to as 50 x 25mm thermal labels in metric measurements.

We also manufacture a wide range of other label sizes for the Zebra ZD420d printer choosing from our huge cutter catalogue or producing custom labels for your requirements. we have a huge range of sizes available, click here to see a sample of our other sizes available.


What material labels can I use in my Zebra ZD420d label printer?

Once you have decided on what size labels to use, the next choice is the material to use for printing in your Zebra ZD420d printer. This printer is the Direct Thermal version which means is contains no toner, ink or ribbon, and relies on using a heat sensitive paper to produce the image, other printers referred to as Thermal Transfer printers use an ink ribbon to apply the image to the paper.

Crucially the labels you purchase for your Zebra ZD420d must be manufactured from a direct thermal material.


Lemon Labels a UK based manufacturer offer three main types of direct thermal materials for use in the Zebra ZD420d label printer:


By large the most popular material for use with the Zebra ZD420d is our thermal eco paper widely used throughout the delivery industry and is unrivalled in its balance between economy and quality.


Another popular material for the Zebra ZD420d is known as a Top Coated thermal paper which has an invisible  protective top coating over the label making the image more stable and robust, and offers protection against marks caused by knocks and abrasions.  


Finally, at Lemon Labels we offer a water resistant weatherproof direct thermal polypropylene labels for the Zebra ZD420d. This tough polypropylene label which is scratch and water resistant ideal where the label may be used in an environment where the labels may get wet. Ideal for garden centres where they can be used to label plant pots, even after a rain shower or watering, the label will still be legible and the barcode will still scan at the check out 


What else do I need to know about labels for the Zebra ZD420d?

Our team are hugely knowledgeable about labels, we manufacture labels in the UK daily and ship all over the UK and Europe, if you need further advice when picking the best labels for your application and your printer give our team a call on 01892 300 737!